Alister Coyne

This is me

I’m an ish. Agile-ish, Lean-ish, Design Thinking-ish, Strategist-ish. You get the idea. I value conversations over process. I understand that each business is a bit different-ish and what works for one client isn’t the same for another. I value building relationships with people, simply because I give people my full attention. It’s my superpower – active listening!

Most of all, I love creating things that people love.

What floats my boat

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Some people call this innovation, for me it’s as simple as trying something new. Looking back I had no idea how the world wide web was going to pan out. Do you ever recall that tiny window of time where emails supported flash? I jumped onto opportunities as quickly as they disappeared. Could you even think of a website now that was intentionally designed to be completely and utterly confusing? That was the concept we presented to Chupa Chups.

Consumers loved it!

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Failure is learning

When you experiment things break, and that’s totally ok. I’ve experienced failure through launching campaigns, products and experiences and seeing it tank. Now I can fail early and quickly through user research and testing.

Trust me, it’s much better this way.

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Digital is unpredictable

I can’t predict what is going to happen in the next 5 years, but can you recall life before Youtube, Google and Facebook? Just because we don’t know what the next big thing is doesn’t mean we can’t do meaningful work. Change. Adapt. Improve.

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Transformation is about catching up

So you’re going ‘digital’. Well you’re in safe hands – but you gotta move fast because you’ve already been left behind.

I can help.

Iterate! Iterate! Iterate!

What I love most about design is the ability to improve on the experience once something has been launched. Have a grand vision but start small, from little things amazing things happen.

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Creativity requires psychological safety

When I worked in Advertising you can be guaranteed that ideas are celebrated and cherished. The day you run out of ideas then you’re out of a job. It’s no wonder the environment is designed to stimulate creativity. But in the real world having permission to be creative is all it takes, because innovation hardly occurs sitting at the desk right? Thinking time allows you to connect the dots. Design Thinking allows for everyone to be bring their ideas to the table, all you need is a ‘what if’ and away you go.

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Design Thinking

So you’ve got a great idea. How do you know it’s the right idea? How does it enhance people’s lives? Are you thinking short term or long term?

Design Thinking is the process of using research to understand the real problems that people face. From there we can create meaningful innovation that is purpose led. Happy users are happy customers.

My top 5 strengths

Source: Gallup CliftonStrengths

1. Relatedness

People who are especially talented in this theme enjoy close relationships with others.

They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.

2. Empathy

People who are especially talented in this theme can sense the feelings of other people by imagining themselves in others’ lives or others’ situations.

3. Strategic

People who are especially talented in this theme create alternative ways to proceed.

Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.

4. Maximiser

People who are especially talented in this theme focus on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence.

They seek to transform something strong into something superb.

5. Adaptability

People who are especially talented in this theme prefer to “go with the flow.”

They tend to be “now” people who take things as they come and discover the future one day at a time.

Best hits


Trade Me Property Homepage
Agent profile page
House for sale page
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Insights for 32 Oxford Terrace, Devonport
Map view of 32 Oxford Terrace, Devonport


Using machine learning to create estimates, buyers love the ease of use and presentation of content that was enhanced by ongoing user research & testing.

Design credits

Alister Coyne - Design Lead
Tanja Kolrus - Senior Designer
Sejal Shah - Designer

OneHub responsive home page
OneHub Agent profile builder
OneHub Marketing Report
OneHub Data Insights


Data plays a huge role on OneHub. If Agents know where they’re customers are coming from then they can market accordingly.

Design credits

Alister Coyne - Design Lead
Mark McIntosh - Senior Designer
Sejal Shah - Designer
Demi Schanzel - Junior Designer

Trade Me Property homepage

Trade Me Rebrand

Working as part the design leadership team and Assignment Group we were tasked to rebrand one of New Zealand's most well loved brands. It’s been a huge success and has been an important milestone to help Trade Me set itself up for the future.

Design credits

Roxy Huntington - Head of Design
Rachel Radford - Design Lead
Alister Coyne - Design Lead
Mark McIntosh - Design Lead
Kendyl Bird - Brand Guardian

Original Trade Me Logo

2000 - 2016

Trade Me Logo

2016 - current

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2018 Auror

Director of Design

2013-18 Trade Me Property

Design Lead

2013-14 OOOOBY

User Experience Designer

2011-13 Affinity ID

Senior Creative

2010-11 Shift

Senior Designer

2009-10 Sugar & Partners

Senior Creative

2009 Saatchi & Saatchi

Senior Designer

2008 Publicis Mojo

Senior Designer

2008 M&C Saatchi

Art Director

2007-08 ABC

Senior Designer

2006-07 Spin Communications, clickTAG, M&C Saatchi, Areeba

Senior Designer

2006 NetX

Art Director

2004-05 Carat, Draft London, Dialogue DLKW, EHS Brann, Modem Media, Fhlame

Freelance Designer

2003-04 Heehaw


1999-2003 Sputnik Agency



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